Maya Angelou Dies at 86

Noted author, poet laureate and civil rights activist Maya Angelou was found dead Wednesday morning by her caretaker. She was 86. During her lifetime, Angelou saw many things and she wrote…

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Maya Angelou

While noted author, poet and civil rights activist Maya Angelou was very open about her life and experiences, over the years, she continued to inspire when sharing small unknown…

10 Year Old Girl Writes A Letter About Gay Marriage To President Obama,And He Responds!

Reblogged from beberexha

This story tugged at my heartstrings. 10 year-old Sophia Bailey-Klugh had previously written a letter to President Obama, inviting him to her home for dinner. Although…

Hot Or Not? Katy Perry’s Election Dress

Katy Perry has made it no secret who she’s voting for in this years election. In a rally for President Obama in Milwaukee, WI Katy performed in…

Britney Spears Tweets Obama

Britney Tweeted President Barack Obama a special message and video asking which presidential candidate has The X Factor! You have swagg!

Fake Obama Dances To Two Door Cinema Club!

I’m a huge fan of watching comical dance videos on Youtube, and I admit that I’m obsessed with “Gangnam Style“, but this video by Nathan Barnatt is my current favorite!

Nathan is dressed up…

President Obama Puts No Doubt And Arcade Fire On His Playlist

The President–he’s just like us! He makes playlists! (on spotify, even). Barack Obama has revealed his 2012 re-election campaign playlist and much to my personal delight, No Doubt‘s Tragic Kingdom track “Different People” is…

5/2/11, 12:56 AM, Kenmore Square, Boston, MA

There are frat boys running through the streets of Back Bay chanting “USA USA USA.” People are racing down Beacon in cars blasting “God Bless the USA.”

The entire student body of my university is lining…

Willow Smith performs at the White House Easter festivities

Willow Smith was the artist chosen to perform at the White House as part of the traditional Easter Egg Roll festivities on Sunday. Watched by mum Jada Pinkett Smith, brother Jaden…

Pop Waffle + Idolator Present: 2009 In Review

Is this real life? Why’d Obama win the Nobel Peace Prize? Was balloon boy totally staged? Will the three wolf moon shirt see its way into 2010? With colored pencils and all these questions (and more) Pop Waffle & Idolator take us through 2009. Whee!

America The Bountiful

The world is full of wonder. Sometimes, this wonder turns into a deep shame after viewing it. I like seeing things that make me LOL but the things I have in the following blog make

Fall Out Boy: Belles of the Inaugural Balls

Last week it was the first glimpse at the Fall Out Boy plush dolls that reminded us the level of success the no-longer-little Wilmette band has achieved. This week? It’s inaugural balls,

Reactions to Election Results: Buzznet and Beyond!

First of all, I want to thank you guys for participating in Buzznet’s Election Day Liveblog—it has 902 comments and is still going strong as each state gets prop results in. This was a

Pete Wentz Talks Politics with CNN

Fall Out Boy played a Rock The Vote sponsored concert on the first day of the Democratic National Convention. CNN cornered your boy Pete Wentz

Emo for Obama!

Found this link via Absolutepunk:


If you’re into this, button can be purchased at democraticstuff.com

What I’d like to see is lolcats for

We Are The Ones – Obama support video by will.i.am

Obama support video: Yes We Can

Will.i.am, ScarJo, and some other celebs show their support…

Candidates and their rockin’ supporters

This is just a who’s who..

The Republicans don’t have much support as far as star power goes…
Ted Nugent is backing Mike Huckabee
Ron Paul is backed by Krist…

Pop Culture Posters

You’re so over plastering your walls with guylinered dudes with studded belts, and you’re not quite ready to purchasing Picasso reprints. Leaving your walls blank is certainly not an option, after all,  your room is…

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