Photo Diary: In Cruise Again For The Ninth Time

Here I am with a huge gallery with the most part of the pics my dad and I shot during our holiday. If you want to read a bit of history of the place just check out the links below: Day One – Leaving Trieste Day Two – Ancona Day Three – Medugorje Day Four… More »

My Big Greek Adventure!

You know what is the worst? When people go on amazing vacations and then want to show you all the photos! So…you guys wanna see my vacation photos right? hee hee. I just got back from a pretty epic trip to Greece, where I did not open my computer for an entire 2 weeks. I… More »

Photo Diary – Holidays, Relax, History, Nature and Fun

Finally I have a little bit of free time to upload this photo gallery about my cruise. On Monday I come back home and I already miss it! But, I always have 450 photos to can see everytime I want and remind all the places I visited and can’t wait to come back on cruise… More »

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