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Get 4th Of July Ready With These 52 Nail Designs

I can’t believe June is over and that it is already July. 4th of July might be one of my favorite holidays. There is no pressure for gifts or anything it’s just all about good family/friends, food and hopefully the pool or beach. I have found some cute 4th of July nail designs to share!… More »

Bethany Mota’s Everything Guide To 4th Of July!

We seriously CANNOT believe the 4th of July is already here! Celebrating America’s Independence is one of the best days of ther year, but it can get little stressful when figuring out

Stance Socks ღ Coolest Accessory For Your High-Waisted Skirts

With high-waisted skirts being all the rage this summer, you need an accessory on the bottom to add a bit of flair…and that comes in the form of wild, fun-printed socks. My favorite sock company, Stance, has all sorts of super cute, no frills socks that come in cool patterns at an affordable price. The… More »

4th of July Hot Summer Clothing Deals

Hey Girls! It’s my favorite part of summer. The weather is warm, the guys are hot, AND all my favorite clothes are ON SALE!! Brands like Hollister, American Eagle, & PacSun are all sporting some great summer sales. At Hollister you can score light-weight sweaters, shorts, dresses, and swimwear for under $25 (most items are… More »

23 Animals Who Are So Ready For The 4th Of July

Happy 4th of July all! This holiday gets me so excited I can hardly control myself. Ever since I was young 4th of July has been a huge extravaganza. My entire crazy family goes up to my lake house and we celebrate America. That’s what it’s all about, right?! I always wear my red white… More »

40 Celebrities Being Patriotic

The American flag print has been a very popular fashion trend this year with many celebrities joining in on the trend to to show their American pride. With the Fourth of July just around the corner, I thought I would share with you 40 celebrities who are being patriotic! XoXo, Katelyn


‘Merica collection is now up for your tees tanks and hats for this Fourth of July ! Get ready to blow shit up people!

Outfit Of The Day: Happy 4th Buzznet

Happy 4th of July! Proud to be an American Jumper: H&M $10 Shirt: Hollister $10 Head Piece: Target $1

Around The World

95% of the items this week are from Asos and Topshop… so obsessed! I also fell in LOVE with Unif’s new shirt… haha, so true! Any interesting finds for 4th of July? xx.

Pretty Patriotic: Get Your 4th Of July On In Style With Flag Fashion

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again (because I am fond of repeating myself): I think you should wear whatever you want, whenever you want. So if you like rocking Christmas sweaters in August, then go on with your bad (and probably sweaty) self! Same goes for flag fashion. If you want to… More »

A-Moo-rica: F YEAH!

With America’s B Day just around the corner, Moo and I (mostly me) decided to have a party. There were balloons, silly glasses, refreshments and good times had by all (the two of us). Hope you have a Happy 4th of July!

Get The Look: Fourth of July Fashion

4th of july is one of my favorite holidays. beach, bbq, and of course, stars and stripes all over. i love flag fashion all year round, but it’s extra fun on the 4th. here are some of my fav items. what are you guys doing on the 4th? xxooxox

How to Throw the Ultimate Patriotic Party

4th of July is almost here and you know what that means: PARTIES, PARTIES, PARTIES! With all those parties, how do you throw the BEST one? Here’s an amazing collection of suplies and nick-nacks that are sure to knock your friends’ socks off – guaranteeing you to be the host with the most!

America The Beautiful: Patriotic Nail Art

Celebrate this beautiful country of ours…on your fingertips! Chow down at your July 4th BBQ with some glitz and glam fireworks on those paws or maybe some red, white and blue? Here are some inspirational patriotic digit decorations:


This is what my neighborhood sounded like on the 4th. My neighbors are a little crazy as always. There is mostly sound until around the 2 1/2 minute point it’s where you will see visual fireworks and strangely a small plane was going over at the same time. I was standing right in my yard… More »

two loves

two things I love: 4th of july && starbs 😀 yayyy. pool,bbq,fireworks, ice cream i must say I LOVE 4th of July xoxo!

HAPPY 9th of July.


I pretty much love every day in July! =]

4th of July is the best holiday. I just love how the sun goes down so late and having a BBQ with the…


I hope all my American friends enjoyed the day. This was our 233 year that America has been independent. I did some gardening and also found a baby bird that was in danger. I’m not sure what happened to it but I’m thinking by the way it is acting it isn’t good. I have it… More »

HAPPY 4th of July Weekend!!

I’m having a BBQ and pool party with my family and friends today! and tomorrow im going to San Diego with my friend Veronica 😀 im so exciteddd. enjoy this picture from my Spring/Summer collection and wear something RED,WHITE & BLUE!!! xoxo Jazmin Whitley

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