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Thursday Buzz 4/26

Hey, psst– your boyfriend is wearing MAN LEGGINGS. (Go Fug Yourself)

Eve busted for DUI. Sigh. (Evil Beet)

Don’t piss off Hugh Grant, he’ll…. throw beans at you?…

Jared Leto: Cocky or Confident?

SOW has this bit about talk show host Jimmy Kimmel not showin’ love for Leto. When Kimmel was asked which guest he wouldn’t want to have back, he said the 30stm frontman because “He was…

Rumor Has It: 3/8 Taste of Chaos Cancelled

My “insider” says that todays Taste Of Chaos will be cancelled. Bert has bronchitis, Jared has a 104 degree temp and Buddy flew home for a funeral.:(Bust out your markers and construction paper, its time…

Wednesday Buzz 3/7

Britney take your meds! (IBBB)
ScarJo thinks she looks like a boy!? Right. And I look like a llama. (Allie is Wired)Does Tom Cruise think Katie is going to escape or something? Freaking scientologists. (Yeeeah)Excuse me,…

Jared Leto takes a hit.

During the El Paso Taste of Chaos performance, 30stm lead singer Jared Leto broke his nose.People reports that he ran into the crowd and was rushed by fans, and ended up hurting his foot as…

30 seconds to mars

30 seconds to mars

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