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Running Nightmares……Chapter Eleven

Gabrielle just stares at her friend for a moment.

“You’re lying” she then says simply.

“Wha…what?” Emily then says, her eyes now widening.

“I think your lying. And if you…

Running Nightmares……Chapter Eleven

Gabrielle just stares at her friend for a moment.

“You’re lying” she then says simply.

“Wha…what?” Emily then says, her eyes now widening.

“I think your lying. And if you think your being funny, think again. Look M,…

Running Nightmares……Chapter Ten

“What are you talking about?” Emily asks when Gabrielle shuts the door.

“What is going on? Shan is all wacky like and you seem to think it’s OK” Gabrielle says now folding…

The Evolution of Jared Leto

Oh Leto. What do we even say to you at this point. It’s like somewhere around the year 2000, some sort of y2K infection took over your brain and starting telling you wear eyeliner and white pants and ALL OF THE SCARVES IN THE LAND. The actor, skirt-model, and 30 Seconds To Mars frontman has… More »

Runniing Nightmares……Chapter Nine

“What happened?” Gabrielle whispers in Jared’s ear as Emily goes into the kitchen for some snacks while Shannon goes upstairs for a few minutes.
“Shan’s not in the best of moods with…

Running Nightmares……Chapter Eight

“Shannon? What was tat all about?!” Emily says now fallowing him into the house.

“Never mind” Shannon says now looking at Jared and Gabrielle as walk up to the doorway.


Running Nightmares……Chapter Seven

 Emily then off into a string about what happened.

Shannon listens closely, nodding his head and yelling when she tells him who she thinks tit was.

“I wouldn’t be surprised. Get…

Running Nightmares……Chapter Six

Shannon now helps Emily into the car that is pulled up in front of the emergency entrance.

“Shan! I told the doctor, I told the nurse, now I’m telling you, I…

Running Nightmares……Chapter Five


Emily told them what happened, detail by detail.

“So do you have any idea who it was?” Jared asks once she’s finished.

“Um, no I don’t” Emily says now giving Shannon…

Running Nightmares……Chapter Four

Emily is sitting in the hospital bed reading a newspaper the nurse brought her.

“Shannon!” she says once Shannon enters the room.

“Don’t! Just sit” Shannon says holding out his arms,…

Running Nightmares…..Chapter Three

Minutes later Shannon comes storming into the lobby of the hospital and up to the front desk.

“Are you here for a girl by the name of Emily?” says a police officer…

Jared Leto Ditches Shirt in Favor of Skirt in Vogue UK

Never one to shy away from a camera, 30 Seconds to Mars frontman Jared Leto was photographed by pal Terry Richardson for the December issue of Vogue UK and…

Running Nightmares……Chapter Two

Thirty minutes later they’re at the hospital.

Ten minutes after, as Alice and Anthony are in the waiting room for Emily, two police officers approach them and start to ask questions.

<span style="color:…

5 Awesome Music Videos Based on Horror Movies

Halloween is ALMOST HERE.  It is close enough that you can taste it (okay, so I might actually be tasting the mug of apple cider I’m drinking, but you get the idea).  And of course…

Running Nightmares……Chapter One

Mr. Anthony Jones and his wife of forty years, Alice, have been living in the same house, the same neighborhood for almost twenty years, and the only real serious thing they’ve…

Seeking Dreams……Chapter One-Hundred & Nineteen

The rest of the day goes well.

Emily and Shannon go home and start to make dinner.

“You know what, I forgot a lot of things while we were at the…

Seeking Dreams……Chapter One-Hundred & Seventeen

The next morning Shannon wakes to an empty bed.

“Ahh, where did she go off to now” he mutters now looking around the room.

He then gets out of bed and…

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Seeking Dreams……Chapter One-Hundered & Fifteen

After a while they go to bed.

Emily try’s to settle down for the night, be she keeps getting a nagging feeling of something.

It’s about three in the morning…

Seeking Dreams……Chapter One-Hundred & Fourteen

Later that night, Emily is home now with Shannon watching tv.

She’s been thinking a lot about how Gabrielle treated Emily’s doorbell problem.

“Does she really think that someone is after…

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