Flashback Friday: Christina Aguilera’s 1998 Photo Shoots

As promised here I am with a new Flashback Friday gallery project. After have shared with you my favorite shoots of Britney Spears throughout the years, it’s time for another music icon: Christina Aguilera. I follow her for over 15 years, just like Britney, for me she’s one of the best female voices ever and… More »

Nostalgia To The Max: 1998 Playlist

1998 was the year it all started to happen. TRL made it’s big debut, NSYNC wanted us back, the Backstreet Boys were intent on telling us…

Flashback Friday: Britney Spears’ 1998 Photo Shoots

I felt a bit nostalgic in those couple of hours looking Britney Spears old photos, but a nostalgia in a really good way, I thought this year will be my 15th anniversary as Britney’s fan and I thought to create a sort of project I’m going to post each (if it will be possible) Friday,… More »

Put Your Records On: Garbage – Version 2.0

Welcome to a brand new segment I like to call Put Your Records On. For a more detailed intro, click here.

Tonight I’m going to discuss one of the most influential albums…

Record Rewind: The Best Of 1998

Record Rewind! I love listening to music hit of the past so let’s taking a trip all the way back to 1998. Here are all the top tracks of ’98. 

Comment below and let me…

Song Of The Day // Swanheart

I enjoyed my afternoon listening one of the best albums I have in my collection “Oceanborn” by Nightwish. Even though is an old album, of 1998, it always is a pleasure to listen…

The 13th Anniversary Of The Ultimate Brit’s Fan – Britney One More Time! [SPECIAL BLOG]

October 24th, 1998

A date impressed in my heart forever

How could I forget the moment Britney entered in my life? She has come like a gentle…

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