17 again

Flashback Friday: 8 Cutest Movies With Numbers in the Title

Some of the cutest movies are ones with numbers in their titles: 13 Going On 30, 50 First Dates, 10 Things I Hate About You – just to name a few!…

“17 Again” Works For Me

Things you should know:

1. I don’t really go see movies in theaters because I can’t commit to sitting  in one place for 2+ hours and not multitasking.

2. This is how I watch movies at home…

Come With Me Inside the 17 Again Premiere

It was so cold I couldn’t think straight! Its almost May in California and felt like December in New York! Crazy.. tons of stars were trying to run inside as fast as possible because it was soooo cold. Do you think you will go see this movie? Or not your cup of tea.

Zac Efron Is Pretty Much Over Musicals

Shiny happy High School Musical star Zac Efron is being a little more selective about his roles lately–he turned down a remake of Footloose as not to be stuck with musicals for the rest…

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