“I’ve Been Up Since 5AM” Mom Films Her Exhausted Teen After A Day Of School And Work

Most people remember their first job well. For many of us, it started at a fast food restaurant in high school. It might not have paid much but you were taking responsibility and initiative by getting a job so young. So, it’s not surprising how many people can relate to this viral TikTok video of… More »

Posing Do’s & Don’ts That Will Level Up Your Selfie Game

Most people have taken a bad picture in their life. Thankfully, Bonnie Rodriguez Krzywicki educates people on the inner workings of what it takes to capture the perfect selfie.From elongating the body and perfecting lighting to putting one foot in front of the other for a bit of movement, these tips are sure to bring… More »

Former Ugly Ducklings Who Turned Into Beautiful Swans

These former ugly ducklings have been through a lot to become beautiful swans.From an awkward teenage phase, bullying, and other factors, they persevered and learned how to embrace their inner and outer beauty. Keep reading to find out how!The difference six years makesReddit user Odd_Whereas4121 had a dramatic transformation between the ages of 15 and”… More »

Moms Set Boundaries With Their Parents To Ensure There’s No “Toxic Overstepping”

Most modern-day parents, like Princess Audia Reggie and Lisa Pontius, are firm believers in setting boundaries in all of their relationships.They believe setting boundaries helps relationships so that no one, especially their parents, is overstepping and creating a toxic environment. As it turns out, many people agree with them.“My House, My Rules!”We’ve all heard parents… More »

Show-Stopping Dresses From The CMT Music Awards

Each year, stars strut down the CMT Music Awards carpet to celebrate country music videos and television, all while wearing some of the best designs around. The sparkling gowns and gorgeous ensembles worn by artists such as Carrie Underwood, Gladys Knight, and Miranda Lambert demand to be noticed.Keep reading and get ready to marvel at… More »

Good Casting Caused These Actors To Leave Their Partners For Co-Stars

Have it be chemistry or a physical attraction, some actors stray towards their co-stars and away from their real-life partners. Romantic fantasy turned into reality for spoken-for actors such as Kristen Stewart and Daniel Craig, as they became enamored and ultimately left their partners for whirlwind romances with their co-stars. Keri Russell: Shane Deary For… More »

Slimming Fashion Tricks To Help You Look And Feel Your Best

There is nothing wrong with using a few fashion tricks to look and feel great. It’s all about flattering cuts, patterns, and, believe it or not, even wearing specific shoes!From choosing a darker color scheme to throwing out all things khaki, here are some slimming fashion tips that people should consider when they’re getting dressed… More »

Valuable Pokémon Cards That Will Have Collectors Wanting To Catch ‘Em All

The Pokémon Trading Card Game exploded in the 1990s, with children trading, playing, and keeping their cards in mint condition. As it turns out, the latter group was smart, as some of the cards are now worth a small fortune.From the $22,000 Shadowless holographic Venusaur to the iconic holographic Charizard worth $25,000, collectors lucky enough… More »

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