Valuable Pokémon Cards That Will Have Collectors Wanting To Catch ‘Em All

The Pokémon Trading Card Game exploded in the 1990s, with children trading, playing, and keeping their cards in mint condition. As it turns out, the latter group was smart, as some of the cards are now worth a small fortune.From the $22,000 Shadowless holographic Venusaur to the iconic holographic Charizard worth $25,000, collectors lucky enough… More »

The Best Female Guitarists Of All Time

Female rock stars, specifically guitarists, are some of the greatest in the industry. Many of these ladies paved the way for modern female rockers, creating a solid foundation of style and tracks for them to work off. From nine-time Grammy Award winner Joni Mitchell to The Bangles secret weapon Vicki Peterson, these ladies shred on… More »

High-Fashion Celebrity Stylists Reveal Their Red Carpet Secrets

Celebrities are known to wear gorgeous attire to red carpet events, but there are a few secrets the public probably does not know. First off, the dresses, jewelry, and even shoes are on loan, and the stylist a star receives is dependent on where they fall on the event’s hierarchy — nominees get the first… More »

Yikes! These Horrible Scenes Almost Ruined The Entire Movie

Even some of the greatest cinematic masterpieces have horrible out-of-place scenes. Whether it’s tidal wave-surfing 007 in Die Another Day or the poorly executed fight between Sonny and Carlo in The Godfather, bad scenes in otherwise fantastic movies have a habit of taking viewers out of the moment.So, strap in and get ready because here… More »

Aretha Franklin Biopic Respect Has A Star Cast, In Theaters August 13th

Starring Jennifer Hudson as Aretha Franklin, Respect was initially set to hit theaters in January but was bumped to August 13, 2021. The biopic shows the lesser-known details of the life of the “Queen of Soul”, including her early childhood years, growing up singing in her father’s church choir.

Photo Of The French Dispatch Cast At Cannes Goes Viral For All The Right Reasons

The Cannes Film Festival is back and more exciting than ever after being canceled due to COVID-19 last year. One of the most talked-about moments from the glamorous annual festival this year is a photo taken of the cast of The French Dispatch, the latest film from director Wes Anderson.In the now-viral photo, Timothée Chalamet,… More »

Princess Beatrice’s Parents Had Selected Another Name For Her Until The Queen Stepped In

According to the Sun, Princess Beatrice’s parents waited two weeks to name their baby after she was born on August 8, 1988. The name they initially choose is said to have been changed because the Queen thought it sounded “too yuppie.”So, what was the first name choice for Princess Beatrice? According to the royal expert… More »

Diva Alert! Actors Who Made Insane On-Set Demands That Got Approved

It’s no secret that some actors can be divas, especially if they happen to be mega-stars of a popular franchise, blockbuster, or series. To make their leads happy, some studios and directors give in to actors’ bizarre and insane demands, such as Tom Cruise not allowing co-stars to run alongside him in the Mission Impossible… More »

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