Movies That Are Considered To Be Almost Flawless

Writing, shooting, editing, and releasing a feature-length film is an incredibly complicated and strenuous process. There are so many moving parts that there’s no guarantee that the movie will translate to the audience or turn out the way it was envisioned. Because of this, movies can range from absolutely terrible to unbelievable works of art…. More »

The Most Unfortunate Dresses To Ever Appear At The Oscars

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the Academy Awards, it’s that making it in Hollywood has nothing to do with fashion sense. Being that all eyes are on them, you would think that celebrities would want to dress to impress. Instead, some attendees arrive looking like they’re on their way to a worst-dressed Halloween… More »

Which Miley Cyrus Era Matches Your Vibe And Energy?

Start Quiz Neil Lupin/Redferns via Getty Images Neil Lupin/Redferns via Getty Images Miley Cyrus is one of the most iconic and versatile pop stars of our time. From her early days as the wholesome Disney sensation Hannah Montana to her rebellious image in the Bangerz era, Miley has gone through many transformations throughout her career…. More »

Behind-the-Scenes Yellowstone Facts Every Fan Needs to Know!

Yellowstone is the hit show about the Dutton family and their ranch outside Yellowstone National Park in Montana. The show features several big-name actors, bringing life to the formidable characters that have captured viewers’ hearts.Here are some of the most fascinating behind the scene tidbits and secrets surrounding Yellowstone that every fan needs to know!The… More »

Wedding Drama Sparked After Bride-To-Be’s Choice Of Escort Offends In-Laws

While many people can count their weddings as one of the happiest days of their lives, that makes it easy to forget how stressful most of them were at the time. Based on the stories that arise from the struggles of planning weddings, it’s a testament to the strength of some relationships that they made… More »

Lights, Camera, Love: Actors Who Found Romance With Their Co-Stars

Sometimes there’s no denying when two actors have on-screen chemistry. Often times that can translate to real life. Many people in showbusiness have had their hearts struck by Cupid while working together on a project.Whether it’s a match made in heaven or a one-time fling, here are the actors who fell madly in love with… More »

Lights, Camera, Flower Power: Recognizing The Iconic Hippie Stars

Are you ready to take a trip down memory lane and discover which of Hollywood’s stars have embraced the hippie lifestyle? From their choice of clothing to advocating for communal living, you’ll be surprised by how many A-list celebrities fit into Merriam-Webster’s definition of ‘hippie’. So let’s dive in and explore which household names are… More »

Incredible Shots Of Margot Robbie You Have To See

Margot Robbie has played so many iconic roles over the years, including Harley Quinn, Tonya Harding, Queen Elizabeth, and more. These gorgeous photos of Robbie show what a true beauty she is, both on and off screen. She Loves To Have A Scene PartnerEven though she had a knack for acting at a young age,… More »

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