Don’t Waste Money On These Pointless Kitchen Appliances

As technology advances, people invent more kitchen appliances to solve certain dilemmas. But do you really need all of these appliances? Kitchen tools aren’t cheap, and we only have so much cabinet and counter space to spare. Most of the time, you can accomplish the same goal without these gadgets.

Some needless appliances–such as popcorn machines and pancake printers–cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. If you’re debating buying any of these, here are cheaper options that you can pursue instead. Follow everything on the list, and you can save up to $3,811.

Home Deep Fryer, $40 – $290

Home deep fryers, at their cheapest, cost around $40. Most high-quality fryers sell for close to $300. If you adore fried food, then buying a deep fryer seems like a logical choice. But did you know that you can deep-fry food with only a pot and oil?

Promotional photo of BELLA 0.9L Deep Fryer

You just need a frying oil, a deep pot, and a stove. Heat the oil between 375°F (190°C) and 440°F. (225°C). Then you can batter your food, fry it using a strainer with a handle, and pat it dry. Do that, and you’ll save hundreds of dollars for the same food.