Early Rare Photos Of Meghan Markle, Now The Duchess Of Sussex

Ever since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle officially announced their relationship, it seems as though everyone began clamoring for new information about the Suits star and that curiosity hasn’t let up since. Although she got there quickly, Meghan didn’t always live in the spotlight.

At one point she was just a regular kid, eating popcorn and watching The Simpsons in the 1990s like everyone else. In these rare photos of Meghan through the years, it’s so much fun to witness her journey from child to real-life royal family member.

Baby Meghan With Her Dad

It seems that Meghan and her father, Tom Markle, have always been close — and this photo of the two of them together is too cute for words. These days, he lives a rather private life in Baja, California, but he used to be part of the entertainment industry, just like his daughter.


You might be surprised to learn that he’s actually won Emmy awards for his work as a lighting director, so maybe that’s where his daughter realized that she belonged on screen? He’s worked on shows like The Facts of Life and General Hospital, although he’s no longer in that field. Impressive though, right?