Celebrities Who Have Surprising Part-Time Jobs

Everybody’s got a part-time job these days — it’s how we can afford the luxuries of having a roof over our heads and eating a decent meal that’s not 80-cent ramen noodles. But you might be surprised to know that even celebrities have moonlighted.

We’re not talking about Reese Witherspoon’s “side gig” of owning a production company. We’re talking about jobs that you or I could be doing right now, but that Marilyn Manson and Bill Murray do in their spare time. From saving the bees to hosting at restaurants, these celebrities are just like us!

Your Morning Avocado And Toast Could Be Courtesy Of Tom Selleck

Tom Selleck, known for his role on Magnum P.I. as the private investigator with the sense of justice and facial hair that just won’t quit, is also an avocado farmer. You read that correctly. This career transition makes sense though— crime never sleeps and neither do the delicate agricultural needs of his ripening crops.

tom selleck smile
Photo Credit: CBS / MovieStills DB
Photo Credit: CBS / MovieStills DB

Selleck began growing every hipster’s favorite fruit because he liked the exercise and time outdoors it gave him. His business is profitable and he’s known for trash-talking rival avocado farmer Jamie Foxx about his fruit quality.