Landlord Gets Satisfying Revenge After Tenants Turn His House To A Pigsty

No matter how diligent people try to be in vetting who they will work and live with, the truth is that nobody can truly prepare for everything. So whether it’s by a boss, a friend, a lover, or a landlord, everybody will be taken advantage of at some point.

But in one landlord’s case, that didn’t mean he had to take it lying down when his tenants abused their living situation as much as they could. And he had quite the ingenious way to get back at them.

Meet Thomas Ravaux

Thomas Ravaux owns and rents out some houses in France.

Thomas Ravaux crouching with dog while hunting
Thomas Ravaux/facebook
Thomas Ravaux/facebook

According to Snopes, at least one of them can be found in the small town of Rozoy-sur-Serre, which is about 134 miles northeast of Paris.