Step Back In Time With These Vintage Photos From The Glory Days Of Racing

Hold on to your seatbelts as you journey back in time to the prohibition era. Step inside a souped-up car and experience what it was like for hustlers and bootleggers evading state police. Fast forward two decades to when NASCAR officially took off, led by Bill France – bringing us an adrenaline-filled entertainment that only requires one thing: speed! Today, not only is the sport bigger than ever – but so is its history. Let’s take a closer look at how NASCAR came about and all that it has achieved since then.

Casual Hang

Neil Castles was probably thinking playing it cool was the best approach when he hopped on G.C. Spencer’s car hood in 1969 to chat before the race.

nascar conversation neil castles and gc spencer
ISC Images & Archives via Getty Images
ISC Images & Archives via Getty Images

Nowadays, two drivers don’t usually talk casually right before a competition–it’s just not done!