Bride Displays Ultimate Pettiness By Banning Her Nephew From Her Wedding

We’ve all been there. There’s this one person we just can’t get along with no matter how long we try, and after enough history, there’s no going back. However, regardless of the issues between you and that person, should their kids have to suffer the consequences too?

That’s what happened to a groom’s five-year-old nephew. The bride-to-be refused his presence and it caused a lot of drama.

It Goes All The Way Back To High School

The story was shared by the brother of the groom on Reddit. He explains that he, his brother, and his brother’s fiancĂ©e Tara all went to the same high school.

high school kids walking and laughing
Photo Credit: Eliott Reyna / Unsplash
Photo Credit: Eliott Reyna / Unsplash

His ex-girlfriend also went to school with them.