These Celebrity Brides Wore The Most Expensive Gowns Ever

A bride wants nothing more than to look and feel beautiful on her wedding day, and celebrities are no different. Of course, they can spend a bit more money on their gowns, resulting in customized creations that are both gorgeous and expensive.

From Serena Williams’s $3.5 million Alexander McQueen dress to Grace Kelly’s iconic $60,000 Helen Rose gown, here are some of the priciest and most fabulous wedding dresses of all time.

Nicole Kidman: $20,000

When Nicole Kidman wed country music star Keith Urban in 2006, she wore a gorgeous Balenciaga creation, designed specifically for her by Nicolas Ghesquière.

Don Arnold/WireImage
Don Arnold/WireImage

The dress cost $20,000 and featured puffed sleeves on the shoulders, and was trimmed with delicate ruffles. According to Kidman, “It’s the most exquisite dress, and it is so beautiful.”