A Texas Couple’s No-Kissing Rule Sparked A Huge Debate Across TikTok

Texas couple Kaytlin and Drew have been together for two years. The thing is, they haven’t done something a vast majority of couples do within that time — kiss!

Taking the phrase “never been kissed” to a whole new level, TikTok users have a thing or two to say about the couple’s decision.

Kaytlin Is Very Religious

Kaytlin O’Neall is a devout Christian.

Her religion leads her towards a lifestyle choice many don’t agree with, thinking it is very strange and not in the least bit normal.

They’re Waiting Until Marriage

Kaytlin and Drew have been dating for two years, but one thing is missing from their relationship.

The two love birds have never locked lips, saying they want to wait for the intimate interaction until marriage.

It’s Making Their Romance Stronger

As many can imagine, Kaytlin and Drew’s friends think waiting to do something as innocent as a kiss is very weird.

The couple thinks the opposite, though, saying it has done nothing but make their romance stronger.

Mixed Reactions

Saying “it doesn’t mean they don’t love each other any less” and that she knows she’s “not impure” for not kissing her boyfriend, Kaytlin has sparked a major debate on TikTok.

Kaytlin’s video has over two million views and a whole lot of backlash mixed in with praise.

Over Two Million Views

Starting her video, Kaytlin explains that she is not kissing Drew for her own personal convictions, nothing more and nothing less.

She wants to save that intimacy for marriage, and so does he.

“Glorified Friendship”

Of course, the internet had a thing or two to say about the young couple.

One TikTok user commented on the video, saying their relationship was nothing more than a “glorified friendship.”

Is He Gay?

People even accused Drew of being gay, saying, “no straight man would comply with this…”

However, Drew didn’t take the bait, saying, “Absolutely not. Heck no.” Still, people were confused and didn’t understand their lack of romance.

Their Wedding Night Will Be Interesting

One commenter went on to talk about their physical connection, or lack thereof, when they get married.

They said, “Gonna be disappointed when you get married and realize you don’t have a real physical connection like you thought you would. Happens with most of these.”

Is There Another Woman?

People were even saying there was no way Drew was actually ok with the no-kissing rule, and he had someone else.

In the comment section, one person wrote, “Dude definitely has another girl.”

Nothing More Than Just Friends

While everyone had their own thoughts on Kaytlin and Drew’s relationship, a majority of TikTok agreed on one aspect — this was not a romantic relationship; they are nothing more than best friends.

“So…friends,” one person wrote.

Some People Were Supportive

Of course, not everyone was criticizing Kaytlin and Drew. Some people were actually praising the young couple for their choice to wait until marriage.

One person wrote, “Ya’ll do whatever makes you comfortable. Don’t feel pressured to do anything beyond that.”

The Internet Is Divided But It Isn’t Their Decision

One person hopped in to support the couple, saying, “I can’t believe people are complaining about what someone else does with their bodies and questioning the validity and boundaries of their relationship.”

Needless to say, TikTok is a bit divided. Even so, at the end of the day, Kaytlin and Drew need to do what is best for them and their relationship.