Nicole Kidman Finally Opens Up About The Hardships She Faced While Married To Tom Cruise

While most of the world knows Nicole Kidman as a beautiful, talented, and Academy Award-winning actress, no one really knows what went on behind the scenes of her 1990 marriage to Tom Cruise.

Decades later, Kidman finally revealed the hardships she faced while married to the actor and how one aspect of their lives resulted in the end of their marriage.

Nicole Kidman And Tom Cruise Were The “It Couple”

Kypros/Getty Images
Kypros/Getty Images

Nicole Kidman married Tom Cruise back in 1990. They were the Hollywood “it couple” for years until their sudden divorce in 2001. Rumors began circulating; everyone was curious as to why two of the biggest stars in Hollywood decided to call off their marriage.

As it turns out, their marriage wasn’t exactly a fairytale.