Diva Alert! Actors Who Made Insane On-Set Demands That Got Approved

It’s no secret that some actors can be divas, especially if they happen to be mega-stars of a popular franchise, blockbuster, or series. To make their leads happy, some studios and directors give in to actors’ bizarre and insane demands, such as Tom Cruise not allowing co-stars to run alongside him in the Mission Impossible films. Ironically, his excessive demand isn’t even the strangest.

George Clooney Asked For A Garden, Among Other Things

George Clooney
Neil Mockford/GC Images
Neil Mockford/GC Images

George Clooney is a very sought-after actor, having been in many, many hit films and being worth over $500 million. As such, the two-time Academy Award-winning actor has asked for some pretty insane things, particularly during his time on the set of the 2013 film Gravity.

While filming the movie, Clooney not only asked for a private landscaped garden to enjoy on his lot but also a basketball court, hot tub, and even a custom-made beach hut! Amazingly, all of his demands were met, costing the studio an extra $125,000.