A Touching Series Of Photos Documents A Child And His Parents Over 25 Years

Parents often say that time flies, and what better way to illustrate it than by taking the same photo each year? A London-based photographer named Zed Nelson took photos of his friends and their son once a year for 25 years, ensuring that the lighting and background were exactly the same every time. Read on to see how this family evolved over time.

1991: Brand New Parents And Their Infant

Nelson didn’t waste any time getting these brand new parents into the studio. He photographed them shortly after their son was born, and it’s clear the little one is still an infant.

Zed Nelson
Zed Nelson

The parents are dressed like they have a little one at home. Both are wearing baggy, plain white t-shirts, loose pants, and matching tennis shoes. While loose-fitting clothes were all the rage in the ’90s, something tells us that the outfits were reflective of their exhaustion, too.