Polygamy Drama: Behind-The-Scenes Stories Of Sister Wives

In January 2020, Sister Wives launched its 14th season. This controversial show features Kody Brown’s polygamous relationship with his four wives, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn. While some of the drama occurs on the show, even more happens behind the scenes. For instance, Janelle’s mother married Kody’s father, and Kody allegedly only lives with one wife. See how well you really know the Brown family.

Kody Is Legally Married To Only One Wife

The cast of Sister Wives arrives at the production of
Marcel Thomas/FilmMagic
Marcel Thomas/FilmMagic

Although the show is called Sister Wives, Kody Brown is only legally married to one of them. This is Robyn, his most recent “wife.” He calls the other three wives “spiritual unions” so that his relationships are technically legal.

So why did he marry just Robyn? According to Kody, it was so that he could legally adopt her three children. But rumors about this legal marriage have caused strain on the other spiritual unions, with other wives feeling less important than Robyn.