Without The Makeup, Hair, And Glam, Supermodels Look Super Normal

With a team of beauty specialists, airbrushing, and a million filter options to work with, it’s hard to picture supermodels looking anything but runway ready. While they might look perfect all the time, even supermodels take selfies with their pets and forego makeup at times, just like regular folks.

From Cindy Crawford to Bella Hadid, here are supermodels looking super normal.

Adriana Lima Wearing Chopard Diamonds

Supermodel Adriana Lima took the phrase “you wear the clothing, it doesn’t wear you” and ran with it out the door and down the street. Seriously, who looks that good with what can only be categorized as wet hair while wearing a designer dress and hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of Chopard diamonds?

Answer: Adriana Lima. Tack on the perfect tan, manicured eyebrows, and lovely makeup, and she is definitely the envy of more than one woman.