Rachel McAdams Confirmed To Return To Doctor Strange

Although Rachel McAdams played a significant role in the first Doctor Strange movie, there were questions as to whether or not she would reprise her role in the sequel, Doctor Strange in the Multi-Verse of Madness.

McAdams plays Dr. Christine Palmer, a former lover of Stephen Strange who he now considers a close friend. The character was originally written as a love interest, but director Scott Derrickson felt it would be more interesting if the two leads used to be in a relationship instead.

McAdams Is Returning, But Derrickson Isn’t

While the announcement that Rachel McAdams is returning is sure to excite some fans, the news that Scott Derrickson isn’t returning won’t. The director was attached to the film before leaving the project and citing creative differences with Marvel.


Marvel didn’t take long to replace him, choosing film icon Sam Raimi to take his place. Raimi, of course, is familiar with comic book movies after directing the original Spider-Man trilogy for Sony. Doctor Strange in the Multi-Verse of Madness will be Raimi’s first effort as a director since Oz the Great and Powerful.