These Characters Almost Ruined The TV Shows They Were On

Finding the perfect balance on a television show can be a tricky situation. Initial success can feel like lightning in a bottle, and when that lightning is gone, writers often fail to capture it again. Was Cousin Oliver really a necessary addition to The Brady Bunch? Did you stop watching Star Trek: The Next Generation when Wesley Crusher became a major character? These are the characters that very nearly ruined the TV shows they were on!

Cousin Oliver Only Lasted Five Episodes

Eventually, cute kids grow up, which is hard for television shows about families to adapt to. When it happened on The Brady Bunch, writers tried to bring back the laughs with Cousin Oliver in the fifth season.

cousin oliver brady bunch

Oliver created a storm of chaos whose hijinks rarely led to laughs. More annoying than funny, the character who was intended to save the show only lasted for five episodes before being written off.