Say Yes To The Dress: Bridal Gowns From Around The World

One of the most fundamental parts of a wedding is the bride’s dress. The eye-catching gown is a reflection of beauty norms that differ vastly depending on the country. In traditional wedding ceremonies, the bride and grooms’ attire becomes a symbol of cultural pride. From elaborate headdresses to heavily patterned garments, these customary costumes reveal that not every bride prefers the poofy white dress. You’ll be amazed at how vastly different weddings look around the world.

Japanese Brides Wear A “Wataboshi”

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In traditional Japanese weddings, the family of the bride and groom exchange gifts at a pre-ceremony dinner. These prizes include a wedding sash from the groom’s family to the bride, and a jacket and trousers from the bride’s family to the groom.

The bride wears a white komono while the groom wears a black one, along with their family gifts. One of the most distinguishable characteristics of their attire is the bride’s round headpiece, called a wataboshi.