People Who Obviously Didn’t Realize They Were Talking To An Expert

It’s a dangerous game to assume the person you’re talking to understands what you’re talking about. This chaotic universe is always trying to make us have oh-so-awkward social interactions—so just make sure you don’t say anything bad.

Here are the times that people found themselves talking down to the literal expert in the subject they thought they knew so much about. Is it painful to witness? Yes. But is it also hilarious to watch someone squirm? Absolutely.

Highlights From The Tool Concert, Not Meeting Eddie Van Halen Apparently

van halen photo
Photo Credit: @WolfVanHalen / Twitter
Photo Credit: @WolfVanHalen / Twitter

Gotta love how this fan had no idea that the very guy taking his photo was none other than Van Halen’s own, Eddie Van Halen. I bet this was the first time he took a photo of a fan and didn’t take one with them.