Want A Cozier, More Stylish Home? Get Inspired By These Relaxing Living Rooms

As the name “living room” suggests, many people spend a lot of time in this part of the home. They watch TV, read, play games, and entertain guests there. Don’t you want your living room to inspire relaxation?

If your living room could use a cozy glow-up, check out these rooms. You could bring the beach into your home, add some glamorous furniture, or mimic a fireplace without actually installing a hearth. The best way to learn interior design is by looking through examples, so get inspired by these relaxing living rooms.

Like Sitting By A Fireplace

A dark industrial living room has a leather couch and chair with a fiery painting on the wall.

Although this room is dim, the designers used it to their advantage. The fiery red and orange painting replicates a fireplace. Behind the sofa, lights brighten the wall beneath the art. Despite having no fireplace, this room feels like you’re sitting by a warm fire.

The dark, cozy atmosphere is enhanced with industrial-style furniture. Dark leather covers the couch and chairs. With exposed brick and distressed woods, this space feels like a warehouse that has been repurposed into a comfortable home.