The Ultimate List Of Everything Coming To Disney+ In May

We invite you to turn off Netflix and Hulu and login to the Disney+ streaming platform. There are so many good films, television shows, and documentaries coming out in May 2020 that you’re going to want to jump-start your “to watch” list as soon as possible.

Coming in May, the streaming service is going to add a few fan favorites to its catalog. Films such as The Princess Bride and Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, as well as National Geographic content like Secrets of the Zoo, are going to be available. We hope you’re ready; the content on this list might take up a lot of your May.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars, “Shattered”

Star Wars: The Clone Wars,
Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.

2020 is the year Disney decided to give fans what they really wanted, a seventh final season to the oh-so-popular animated series Star Wars: Clone Wars. Coming out with one episode each Friday, the seventh season of Clone Wars follows the aftermath of Ahsoka leaving the Jedi, the siege of Mandalore, and the beginning of Order 66.

Season seven, episode 11, “Shattered,” is the first episode to air in May. But we don’t want to give away any spoilers. Just know that the episode is post-siege of Mandalore. And if you know your Star Wars trivia, you know that what happens next leads to years-long issues for the Republic.