High School Photos Of Marvel Stars Before They Became Superheroes And Villains

With the end of an era, some people wonder where the heroes and villains of the various Marvel universes started. The truth is, these prominent actors had lives before becoming superheroes; some of them are even known for things other than being part of the MCU.

Since we invested so many years watching these characters grow and mature, it’s only fair that we also see them in all of their awkward high school glory. Keep scrolling to see what some of the popular marvel heroes and villains looked like back in the day. Be forewarned: there are more than a few mullets involved.

Robert Downey Jr. – Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr. - Iron Man
cheryl lindsay/Pinterest; Walt Disney Pictures, Marvel Entertainment
cheryl lindsay/Pinterest; Walt Disney Pictures, Marvel Entertainment

With actress Elsie Downey and director Robert Downey Sr. as parents, it seems as though Robert Downey Jr. was destined to follow in their footsteps. He made his acting debut at the young age of five when he played a sick puppy in his father’s comedy Pound. By the age of 10, he was living in England and studying classical ballet.

Downey Jr. moved to California, attending Santa Monica High School before he dropped out to pursue acting full-time. The actor is now known as being one of the most beloved heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Iron Man.