What To Know And Expect Ahead Of Stranger Things Season Four!

In 2016, Netflix took streaming by storm when they released the Duffer Brothers production, Stranger Things. Supernatural being Eleven, or as her friends know her “El,” played by Millie Bobby Brown, was a breath of fresh air. Mix in a cast of diverse characters who showcase a range of character development, all while attempting to save their small town of Hawkins, and you get possibly one of the most chilling and fun series that keeps you on the edge of your seat. After the release of the season four trailer, what should fans expect from the show next?

Is “The American” Eleven’s Father?!

eleven father

Season three left fans with multiple cliff hangers, but one stood out in particular because it gave hope that Hopper was still alive. When the Russian guards outside the jail cell mention “the American,” many believed it was Hopper, after the season four trailer release, that’s a little too obvious.

One alternative is Dr. Martin Brenner, Eleven’s father who experimented on her. A theory is that he will make a return because the Russians wanted to keep him for his scientific knowledge.