‘Based On A True Story’ Films That Contain Some Untrue Details

When a movie is marketed as “based on a true story,” look out. It’s rare for a film to be wholly the truth and not have fictionalized events strewn throughout the plot. The reality is that the “true story” is only partially true, and the other part is fluff to make the movie more interesting, dramatic, or even romantic.

Films such as Sully and Argo have been criticized for over-dramatizing the truth, even though they are entertaining films. At the same time, no one thinks twice about the over-romanticizing in Titanic and Pocahontas. Here are some other famous films that utilize the phrase “creative liberty” to their full advantage.

Rudy‘s Teammates Never Put Their Jerseys Down In Protest

Arguably one of the greatest sports films of all time, Rudy is based on the story of Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger as he goes to Notre Dame to play football. Although the movie does stick to the fundamentals of the real story of the young boy who worked his tail off, it took some liberties, too.

Rudy's Teammates Never Put Their Jerseys Down In Protest
Sony Pictures
Sony Pictures

While Rudy was sent in to play during the last game against Virginia Tech, coach Dan Devine didn’t have to be coerced by the team. Truthfully, he always intended to let Rudy play in a game. The jersey protest by the other players never happened, it only added to the film for dramatic effect.