These Movies Almost Destroyed Actors’ Careers

Hollywood is a fickle place where one misstep can end a person’s career. There are many actors who’ve made bad films here and there, but some have starred in such terrible movies that they struggled to recover and find work ever again. From Hayden Christensen’s hated role in Star Wars to Mike Myers’ Love Guru flop, check out the movie that destroyed (or at least sidelined) A-listers’ careers.

Everyone Hated Hayden Christensen’s Whiny Character In Star Wars

Hayden Christensen had a few films under his belt when he starred in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones. He’d even received a Golden Globe nomination for Life as a House.

Yet when he joined the franchise there were many complaints about his whiny character. Everybody hated him. After he appeared in Revenge of the Sith, his (and the director’s) career stalled. He’s appeared in a few films since, such as Jumper and American Heist, but it appears like casting directors can’t get his portrayal of Anakin Skywalker out of their minds. Still, he has two films in post-production for 2018.