The Best Movies Turning 50 In 2020

It has already been 50 years since 1970 and movies have changed drastically since then. This was a time before streaming services or DVDs, so those who wanted to see a new film went straight to the movie theater. Films such as Patton, MASH, and Catch-22 lit up the screens as some of the most-watched of the year. Here are some of the best movies from 1970 that are worth revisiting half a century later. Each of them made a difference in both cinema and 1970’s culture.

Love Story Set The Standard For Romantic Movies

ali macgraw and ryan o'neal in a still from love story
Paramount Pictures
Paramount Pictures

The top-grossing movie of 1970 was Love Story starring Ali MacGraw and Ryan O’Neal, which made $106,397,186 in just the United States and Canada. It’s one of those classic boy meets girl stories where the wealthy guy falls in love with an artsy and down-to-earth girl, but many things get in their way of being together.

Erich Segal wrote both the novel the film was based on and the screenplay and its success even led to a sequel called Oliver’s Story. According to the American Film Institute, Love Story is one of the top romantic movies of all time.