Here Are Some Of The Best And Worst Friends Episodes Ever

Let’s start by saying there are no “bad” Friends episodes, just those that are better than others. We’re here to reminisce about Ross and Rachel’s Vegas shenanigans and the infamous Gellar Cup during Thanksgiving. Not to mention all of the episodes where some of our favorite celebrities guest star (cough… Brad Pitt… cough).

So, take this ranking as you will because it’s, as Joey so eloquently says, “a moo point.” It’s time to take a page out of Ross’ book and pivot around in your chair because you’re going to want to get comfortable reading this “best and worst” list!

Best: “The One In Vegas, Parts 1 & 2”


We’re going to group together season five’s episodes 23 and 24, “The One in Vegas, Parts 1 & 2.” These two episodes embody everything that is the television series, Friends. Joey’s big acting break is put on hiatus, and he’s working as an atmosphere character at Caesar’s Palace. Pheobe accidentally spills the beans to Chandler about Monica’s lunch date with Richard. Oops.

Ross and Rachel, of course, have a happy hour that ends up with them drawing on their faces with a permanent marker and eloping. Not to mention Joey finds his “hand twin” right before getting thrown out of the casino with Pheobe. See, the Friends antics fans love.