Looking Back On The Most-Liked Instagram Photos Of 2019

With Instagram recently taking away the users’ ability to see how many likes a post gets late in 2019, they’re attempting to make the social site a more user-friendly platform. Before implementing that feature, the number of likes remained visible to a certain extent, and some websites such as brandwatch.com ranked the most liked photos on the social network. Looking back on 2019, how many of these most-liked posts do you remember?

Selena’s Simple Selfie

A simple selfie

Who knew a simple selfie could amass over 12 million likes on Instagram? Well, if your name is Selena Gomez, it seems as though anything is possible. The star has a strong following on the platform, so that explains it.

The star has consistently landed at the top of the list of most-liked Instagram photos for years. In 2018, it was a photo of her sipping a cocktail during New York Fashion Week. In 2017, Gomez shared a photo of her and her friend recovering after a successful kidney transplant. Fans are happy to see Gomez back in good health.