After This Bus Driver Saved 20 Students’ Lives, Ellen DeGeneres Did Something Incredible

Renita Smith was just another parent working hard to support her family in 2016 when fate intervened. A school bus driver by trade, Smith knew something was wrong as smoke filled her vehicle one day. When disaster struck, she took action and saved every student on board. Her incredible selfless act flew under the radar until Ellen DeGeneres found about it. The celebrity talk show host also found out something about Smith that shocked her even more, and she knew she had to do something.

Just Another Day

Renita Smith  school bus driver

Renita Smith was setting out for another day of work in September 2016 when her life changed forever. For the loving mother working full-time to support her family, the day started out like any other.

Smith got behind the wheel of her school bus and started her route picking up students in Maryland to drop off at their schools. The morning went off without a hitch, meaning all she had left to do was her evening route. Unfortunately, this is when everything went wrong.