Tyler, The Creator Responds To Drake Being Booed Off Stage During Performance

It seems as though Drake had quite a rough weekend. He was the surprise headliner at fellow rapper Tyler, the Creator’s annual Camp Flog Gnaw music festival on November 10th. As Drake is one of the biggest rappers in the world you’d think that the audience would’ve been excited, but this couldn’t have been further from the truth.

Prior to the festival, the headliners were not announced as it was to be a surprise. Many people believed the surprise performer would be rapper Frank Ocean, but they were wrong.

While performing his song “Wu-Tang Forever,” Drake tried to address the bitter and rowdy crowd.

“Make some noise for yourself tonight. I’m here for you tonight. If you want to keep going, I will keep going. What’s up?” Drake said to the crowd. The crowd did end up making some noise but I don’t think it’s what he expected. The booing grew louder and people were yelling “no” so much that the rapper finished his set 20 minutes early.

“It’s been love. I love y’all. I go by the name of Drake. Thank you for having me,” he said before he left the stage.

Many people on social media defended Drake against the way the crowd treated him.

“Seeing lots of video of Drake getting boo’d at Camp Flog. It sucks because Tyler books this festival himself. The lineup reflects his personal tastes and these are artists he usually has relationships with (Tyler asked Drake to do it as a favor). The disrespect is astounding,” wrote one Twitter user.

Tyler, the Creator has since taken to Twitter to defend his decision and address the crowd’s behavior.

“I thought bringing one of the biggest artists on the f—– planet to a music festival was fire! but flipside, a lil tone deaf knowing the specific crowd it drew,” the rapper wrote on Twitter. “Some created a narrative in their head and acted out like a—— when it didn’t come true.”

“Also, mostly everyone was having a great time, those in the front area were the ones being mad rude, which, I can see why, but, nah,” he continued. “Y’all represented me and flog to my guest and made us look sooo entitled and trash.”

“He really did that for me and I appreciate it because he did not have to come at all, see our worlds come together was so great in theory,” he wrote. Drake has yet to respond to the situation. Maybe we can expect an emotional rap song about it in the near future.