Top Colleges With The Lowest Acceptance Rates Of 2019

Going to the right school can have a positive impact on your employment opportunities after college and beyond. Getting into a top-rated school in the U.S is a true accomplishment as each university looks at a variety of factors before accepting a small percentage of students from a large pool of candidates.

Some universities in the U.S. have very low acceptance rates, and gaining admission into these schools can be incredibly competitive. These institutions look at both academics and extracurriculars when assessing potential candidates. Here are the top U.S. universities with the lowest acceptance rates.

Washington, D.C: Georgetown University

A view of Healy Hall at Georgetown University
DANIEL SLIM/AFP via Getty Images
DANIEL SLIM/AFP via Getty Images

Georgetown University is a private Catholic school located in Washington D.C. The school was founded in 1789 and has an urban campus setting overlooking the Potomac River. The school is known for majors like finance, political science, and government. Georgetown University also has one of the best-looking campuses in the U.S.

The campus is spread over 104 acres and has a total enrollment of 7,459 students. The annual tuition is $56,058 and the starting salary for a graduate is $65,200. The acceptance rate at Georgetown is 16 percent and the graduation rate is 95 percent.