Surprising Photos Of Celebrities Before They Became Famous

By the time a celebrity becomes a household name, the public is pretty used to their appearance. Ask anyone to pick Ryan Seacrest out of a lineup, for example, and most can do it with no problem. What’s more difficult is trying to imagine what the world’s biggest celebs looked like before they hit the big time. Wonder no more, for here are some amazing vintage photos of your favorite stars early on in their lives.

Time Travel Into Alan Rickman’s Past

Alan Rickman in high school

Well before he enchanted audiences as Professor Snape in the Harry Potter film franchise, British actor Alan Rickman was treading the boards of the stage at his alma mater, Latymer Upper School in London. The school shared this early photo of Rickman after he passed away in 2016. The picture was taken around 1956.

Rickman’s first roles were dramatic ones, including Shakespeare, and he eventually enrolled at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London before going on to become a theater, television, and film star.