Little-Known Facts About Jamie Lee Curtis

Millennials remember her as the hilarious mother of Lindsay Lohan in Freaky Friday, Gen-Xers recognize her as the Scream Queen, and baby boomers know her as the daughter of one of the most beloved 1950s Hollywood couples. For decades, Jamie Lee Curtis has graced the screens with her striking beauty and wit to match. However, she’s far more than your typical Hollywood actress. Around the turn of the century, Jamie shifted her attention to other meaningful aspects of her life, like raising a family and writing. We’re going to reveal just what makes this celebrity so iconic.

She Was Known As The Scream Queen

Jamie Lee Curtis wears a frantic expression while filming the movie Halloween.
Falcon International Productions
Falcon International Productions

Jamie Lee Curtis’s film debut was in the classic thriller Halloween. However, after the success of that film, it seemed she couldn’t shake the horror movie roles. She starred in Prom Night, Terror Train, and The Fog in 1980 alone!

The very next year, she wrapped up her scary movie phase by starring in Roadgames and Halloween II. Known as the “scream queen,” she returned to the world of thrillers in the 2018 rendition of Halloween and the 2020 film Halloween Kills.