Embarrassing (And Hilarious) Parenting Decisions That Went Viral

Ah, the wonderful world of parenting! Parenting comes with its own set of special fails, laughs, punishments, and other ridiculous moments. Check out this list of the most epic parenting fails, mocking moments and punishments! Many of these went viral.

Pool Diaper Bottom

In 2015, the hashtag #pooldiaperbutt when viral and parents everywhere were having a laugh at their child’s water logged diaper. While they do sell special diapers that are intended just for swimming nowadays, sometimes a parent can just forget to switch them out.

The result is the hilarious pool diaper bottom, which makes it seem as though your baby has a booty a Kardashian would be jealous of. Even diaper companies like Huggies got on top of the trend, using the hashtag #pooldiaperbutt in their advertisements. You’ve got to admit that pool diaper fanny looks pretty funny!