These Alternate Endings Will Change The Way You See Your Favorite Famous Films

Back in the days of Blu-ray and, dare we say DVDs, one of the benefits of buying a movie was to see all of the behind-the-scenes information, such as alternate endings. A film can take on a lot more value when you see the crucial decisions that were made, like not to kill an entire cast, which they nearly did with Little Shop of Horrors. Sometimes the original idea was so bad it’s funny, and other times it’s controversial. Whether you agree with the changes or not, here are alternate endings that would have made for a profoundly different film.

I Am Legend Could Have Ended More Subtly

Will Smith looks over his shoulder skeptically
Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.

The current ending of I Am Legend underscores the movie’s title since Will Smith’s character becomes a legend by self-sacrificing. Dr. Neville (Will Smith) gives Anna and Ethan the cure, then blows himself up along with the Darkseekers.

In the alternate ending, Dr. Neville lives. Not only that, but the Darkseekers turn out to not be evil after all. In this version, they’re actually seeking the female that was being experimented on. Once they get her back, they lose interest in Dr. Neville, who they merely presumed was a murderer. It would have taken on a whole new message about otherness had that been the film’s ending.