Twin-tastic: These Celebrity Pairs Will Shock You!

The Olsen twins may be the only pair of famous twins you can think of, however, there are plenty more celebrities who have a twin. Most of the time only one of them aspired to lead that Hollywood life, and the other twin lives a “normal” family life. So get ready to meet these secret twins… some of these might shock you!

Scarlett Johansson and Hunter Johansson

Gary Gershoff/WireImage
Gary Gershoff/WireImage

The gorgeous Scarlett Johansson has a twin brother named Hunter Johansson. The fraternal pair have been spotted together on numerous occasions and appear close. Hunter is also successful in his own right but in a very different field.

Hunter worked on President Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign and reelection and a number of high-profile events. He took the political path and she took the Avenging path. It all makes perfect sense.