Could Priyanka Chopra Jonas Play The Female James Bond?

There’s been lots of talk and speculation about who will play the next James Bond now that Daniel Craig has officially finished his reign as the iconic spy. One person who would love to play the part is actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas.

The 37-year-old actress thinks it would be “amazing” to see a female version of the suave British spy. She reveals she would love to take the role if it was ever offered to her.

“I’ve always been keen on [playing James Bond] but I can’t put myself into the race obviously. I think, in my lifetime it would be amazing a female Bond. Whether that’s me or someone else, it’s something I would love to see,” Chopra Jonas told “I don’t know, I would just be very happy with the fact that it would be a woman. I definitely think [it’s time].”

The latest bond movie is set to be released in February 2020 and is expected to be Daniel Craig’s last film as 007. At the No Time To Die wrap party, Craig bid farewell to the iconic character.

“I just want to say, and I am really quite drunk now so I won’t go on for long, this has been the best, most wonderful experience I have ever had,” said Craig.

There has been no confirmation of who will play Bond after Craig’s farewell, though Idris Elba is another frontrunner for many. It’s about time we diversify Bond a bit, don’t you think?