Celebrity Nannies Share What It’s Like To Take Care Of Hollywood’s Most Famous Kids

In 2011, Amy Poehler won an award at the Time 100 Gala. Rather than thank her family and friends, she started her acceptance speech by thanking her nanny. She personally thanked the two nannies who helped raise her kids so she could continue to be a working mom in Hollywood.

Most moms only have a nanny for that one special Friday night a month, but a nanny is an integral part of being a celebrity mom. It may sound like a flashy job until you’re forced to have the same diet as the celebrity.

Be Prepared For A Thorough Background Check

Photo credit: Philip Ramey / Corbis via Getty Images
Photo credit: Philip Ramey / Corbis via Getty Images

If you’re wondering how to land a celebrity nanny job, you won’t find the posting in the classifieds. Stars resort to expensive nanny agencies because they will provide FBI-grade background checks. That means DMV checks, references, interviews, and even drug tests are all done before you even meet the celebrity.

If a star likes your resume, then you can audition and meet with them to see if they even like your personality.