These Awesome Vehicles Make Even Cooler Limos!

Nothing says style quite like showing up to an event in a limousine. When the doors open and you step out of your luxuriously long ride, everyone’s heads will turn. Now imagine the looks you’d get if you don’t show up in a standard limo, but a stretch VW Bus instead? Or maybe a stretch Mini Cooper is more to your liking? In theory, any vehicle can be turned into a limousine, and oftentimes they are just as cool — if not cooler — than the original. These vehicles started out looking great, and look even better as limousines!

VW Beetle Limo

a volkswagen beetle turned into a limo
Julian Stratenschulte/picture alliance via Getty Images
Julian Stratenschulte/picture alliance via Getty Images

It might be hard to imagine a vehicle as small as the Volkswagen Beetle being turned into a limo, but where there’s a will, there’s a way. Whoever made this creature comfort of a ride made sure to keep it modest, only extending the body slightly.

The production of the Beetle was originally approved in the 1930s. It was designed by the founder of Porsche and became popular thanks to its odd design. Turning it into an even odder limo just makes it that much more interesting!