A New ‘Avengers’ Virtual Reality Experience Is Coming

If you’re missing your favorite Avengers characters since the release of Avengers: Endgame earlier this year, you’re in luck. Marvel has announced a new virtual reality experience called “Avengers: Damage Control.”

It gives fans the chance to be put into the MCU and fight alongside their favorite Marvel superheroes. The project is scheduled for release on October 18th at select VOID locations. VOID has helped create other VR games including “Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire.”

Blank Panther star Letitia Wright has reprised her role as Shuri for the experience.

“Shuri has recruited your team to test a powerful new prototype design combining Wakandan and Stark technologies,” says the experience’s website. “When an enemy from the past seeks to steal the technology, you’ll fight alongside some of your favorite Avengers.”

Along with the VR lens, fans will also be able to interact with set pieces and physical effects, such as heat and wind.

Kevin Feige, Marvel Studios president, said the game is a chance for fans to “be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.”

“Expanding how people can experience the MCU is something we’re always trying to do, and in ‘Avengers: Damage Control,’ we wanted to give fans the chance to suit up alongside some of their favorite heroes for the first time ever,” said Feige.

Tickets for the experience are on sale now but are only available in select US cities. Hopefully, they expand the concept further so that everyone can have the chance to fight alongside Marvel superheroes!