Unpopular Casting Choices That Turned Out To Be Epic Performances

There are some movies, television shows, and plays that you can’t imagine anyone else starring in. Even though we might not always agree with casting directors’ choices for some of our favorite characters, they seem to have a method to their madness. You have to admit that an iconic performance is widely due to correct casting. Not an easy feat, mind you.

For a major role, they have to take into consideration hiring an unknown actor or an Oscar-bait name that is known for playing a specific persona. Take a look at these unpopular casting choices that ultimately have turned into some of the most memorable performances in cinematic history.

Tobey McGuire as the Title Character – Spider-Man

Though critics and comic book lovers have both come to know and love Tobey McGuire’s Spider-Man, his casting was not well received. McGuire’s roles in Cider House Rules and Pleasantville didn’t leave much hope in the audience’s mind for his performance in a superhero fantasy movie.

Tobey McGuire - Spider-Man
Sony Pictures, Columbia Pictures, and Marvel Entertainment
Sony Pictures, Columbia Pictures, and Marvel Entertainment

The 2002 version of the web-slinging superhero was a meek and socially awkward teenager. At least McGuire looked the part! But his image wasn’t what proved the critics wrong. McGuire proved the haters wrong with this quirky portrayal of Spiderman, even landing himself two more movies – how could we have ever lived without emo Spidey?