Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin’s Wedding Is Causing Major Drama

Justin and Hailey (Baldwin) Bieber have been married for a year now but they haven’t actually had their wedding reception. Their wedding is reportedly happening September 30th and is causing a ton of drama at their venue.

According to TMZ, their wedding is being held at the Montage Palmetto Bluff Hotel in South Carolina. Apparently, guests who are staying at the hotel during the same days as their wedding are upset with the disruption it’s causing.

TMZ reports that the wedding is closing off some of the major areas of the hotel from the rest of the guests. The areas include the spa, pool, and a “fancy” restaurant, which their wedding guests will have “unlimited access to for 48 hours.”

Not only are the hotel guests upset with their vacations being disrupted, but they’re especially upset because the hotel reportedly didn’t advise them of these closers until September 18th. To make up for this, the hotel has offered guests refunds, alternate booking, and upgrades. The restaurant is also giving guests “dinner on the house in one of the other restaurants.”

We’re sure that this wedding will be one to remember, for both them and all the other unhappy guests who aren’t invited.